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2017 Conference Resources


Branding 101
Though some church people recoil to think of a faith community having a brand, the fact is that your church, diocese or institution already has a brand, whether you’re aware of it or not. This workshop will help you understand what a brand is (and what it isn’t), how to identify it and use it to further your ministry, how a consistent identify can make your life as a communicator easier, and how to pitch the idea of engaging in a branding study to decision makers in your setting. Presenters Lee Insko and Mike Robinson are co-founder of 5 Degrees Branding, a creative agency devoted to building strong brands in churches, ministries, and educational organizations.  PDF >

Effective PowerPoint presentations
With a focus on content, design, and delivery, this workshop will explore various best practices designed to help you build effective PowerPoint presentations. We will discuss how to structure content in a way that tells a story and delivers a sharp message. We will delve into the basics of template design and formatting, utilizing graphics resources, and style structures to ensure an engaging and visually stimulating presentation. Finally, we will conduct a Q&A session to answer your PowerPoint questions. Presenter Kimtoya Williams is the Senior Presentation Specialist on the communications team at the Church Pension Group. Powerpoint >  PDF >

Home: From the Community to the Kitchen
Home: From the Community to the Kitchen is a paradigm shift, a metaphor for the invitation and connection we know in our own families. It is how we connect with each other as neighbors. It’s how it can start with a conversation on a soccer field or at a neighborhood meeting and culminate in friendship—especially when invitations to dinner are extended.
Discover the strategies employed by healthy, growing churches to create intentional environments where relationships grow deeper with God and with one another. Explore how hospitality can move guests to engage and explore life in a church community and eventually become members of the family, themselves inviting new friends and neighbors to come for dinner and stay for the nurture and nourishment of community. Presented by Mike Orr, Communications Director for The Episcopal Church in Colorado.  Workshop Slides and Handouts >

Jesus’ Blood Is Thicker than Water: Latino/Hispanic Evangelism in English
Although it is true that most Latinos speak Spanish at home, we often forget an important fact: most of them understand and speak English proficiently—and in fact 35 million of them (65 percent) were born in the U.S. This presentation will demonstrate ways the church can communicate culturally meaningful messages and celebrations that resonate with English-speaking Latino audiences whether they are first-, second-, or third-generation Latinos. Presented by Hugo Olaiz, Associate Editor for Latino/Hispanic resources at Forward Movement. Powerpoint >  PDF >

Making Good Writing Great
The poet Sidney Sheldon once wrote, "A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God.” The written word—whether in long-form feature stories, newsletter articles, Facebook posts, or Tweets, is critical to creating a conversation and relationship with our audiences. Journalist and writing coach Lee Ann Hamilton will offer techniques to make your writing crisper and more engaging. Using real-life examples supplied by Episcopal communicators, Hamilton will also discuss the different styles of writing across a range of platforms: print, digital, and social. Presented by Lee Ann Hamilton, journalist. Powerpoint >  PDF >

Pairing and Sharing
Last October, seven Episcopal communicators went on an adventure in the Kingdom of Jordan. They knew each other, and knew each other’s work, but never worked as a group in this kind of setting. Each morning they would check in and talk about who was doing what, where they were going, and what they were each interested in. They paired off for the day’s coverage. All that each of them produced was then shared widely through their own networks, through social media, through traditional media, etc. After this great experience they agreed that their style of work in the Kingdom of Jordan could be an ideal way to model future job assignments – from pilgrimages to General Convention to Diocesan Conventions to special events that need to be covered by a group. This is a particularly good model for General Convention where there are many people who can cross lines and team up for Pairing and Sharing. This workshop shared their experiences and provided examples of applying Pairing and Sharing into our work as communicators. Presented by Neva Rae Fox and Hannah Wilder. Powerpoint >  PDF >

The Episcopal Church Communicator's Survey Results
Our friends at The Episcopal Church Center took a survey of Communicators last year at the conference. This workshop presented the results of that survey. Led by Jeremy Tackett, Digital Evangelist for The Episcopal Church. Survey Results Overview (.pdf) >

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