Pre-conference Intensives

These day-long workshops take place Wednesday, April 19 beginning in the morning, 

so if you plan to take part, make sure you arrive in Cincinnati by Tuesday evening.

Download the free conference app here.

The Nitty Gritty of Writing
Presenter: Lee Ann Hamilton

While the platforms keep changing, the need for engaging, dynamic writing is more important than ever. Using real-life examples supplied by Episcopal communicators, participants will learn techniques to make their writing crisper and more creative. Led by journalist and writing coach Lee Ann Hamilton, participants will explore writing across a range of platforms—print, digital, and social—and discuss tips and tools about writing that connects and engages an audience. Note: Participants will be asked to supply two to three examples of writing for feedback from the instructor. Some samples will be used for teaching in the pre-conference intensive and conference workshop.

How to Make a Quality Welcome Video on a Tight Budget
Presenters: Christian Anderson & Trevor Black, Episcopal Video Network

In the digital age, a church’s welcome video is often the first impression for a seeker and church shopper. Episcopal churches often suffer from generalized, low-production-value videos that do not reflect the life and vitality of a parish. Through interactive exercises, Trevor and Christian will lead participants to identify and clarify their church’s brand and develop a tangible game plan to create an industry-standard welcome video using only a smart phone and free editing software.

Communicating the Gospel
Presenter: Mary Parmer

Not all communication work is evangelism (and not all evangelism is communications). But evangelism should be an important part of our work as communicators. Evangelism guru Mary Parmer brings her nationally known program of Invite*Welcome*Connect to Episcopal communicators with a focus on the role of communication in sharing the gospel. 

Mary will discuss concrete ways to tailor and tweak communication vehicles so that they become tools for evangelism. Each session of the pre-conference intensive will explore a component of the Invite*Welcome*Connect principles.

Teaching the Teachers: Diocesan Communicators Intensive
Presenter: Mike Orr

This intensive is specifically designed for diocesan communicators looking for ways to train and advocate for parish communicators in their diocese. Providing communications resources to our parishes through training for best practices can be challenging. We will look at some models of different dioceses who are currently focused on training administrators, communicators, church staff, clergy and lay volunteers to do communications work at churches of all sizes. We will share resources and models to enable you to return to your diocese equipped to provide training to equip others in the work of communications.

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