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ReContent: Refresh and Revitalize Your Content Strategy
Content is a gift. It should be thoughtful, planned and focused on the person you’re gifting. Oh, and re-gifting is perfectly acceptable in this case. Explore ways to develop content that fits your organization and resonates with your target audience. In this empathy-based workshop led by the team at dooley media, you'll learn how to tell a great story well by sharpening your content creation skills.

Presenter Matthew Dooley is a Cincinnati native whose life is about innovating, connecting, and giving back. He launched dooley media in 2010 when he saw a need for local businesses and organizations to better leverage emerging social media platforms. In addition to his agency, Matthew launched and currently teaches the social media course at Xavier and is the tech editor for Social Media Marketing for Dummies. When he's not on Facebook, he spends his free time with his family, including his wife Ashley, their son Lucas, and their rescue dog, Norman.

How to Identify and Nurture Advocates
Establishing a page and pushing out content is half of the battle. The other half is putting your organization's brand in the hands of people who are better connected, oftentimes better at telling your story, and carry more trust with the people you want to reach. Matthew Dooley, a social media expert and owner of the brand-building agency dooley media, will show you how to research what and who influences someone’s decision-making process and then how to invite and nurture a growing list of socially connected brand builders who are ready to recruit your next wave of visitors.

Presenter Matthew Dooley is a Cincinnati native whose life is about innovating, connecting, and giving back. He launched dooley media in 2010 when he saw a need for local businesses and organizations to better leverage the emerging social media platforms. In addition to his agency, Matthew launched and currently teaches the social media course at Xavier and is the tech editor for Social Media Marketing for Dummies. When he's not on Facebook, he spends his free time with his family, including his wife Ashley, their son Lucas, and their rescue dog, Norman.

Transforming Communications through Asset Mapping
The Episcopal Asset Map is a grassroots-populated website that collects information about Episcopal institutions. Since all U.S. dioceses have signed on to the map, the project is entering a new phase. Expansion for all Episcopal communities is slated for 2017. The map is not just a website; it's an opportunity for us to engage Episcopalians at all levels of the church. This workshop is an opportunity to see the new site design and share feedback as well as strategies for populating the map. This map can address multiple needs of a diocese and make your job easier. If you are a communicator for a diocese, congregation, school or an affiliated Episcopal institution, these strategies will give you new, yet tried-and-true, tools for engaging your audience, obtaining content and sharing the amazing ways we are living Christ's love in the world.

Presenter Tamara Plummer is the Asset Map Coordinator for Episcopal Relief & Development. She began her career in student affairs, planning events for the campus community, advising student organizations, and engaging in training and workshops for student leaders. While working at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, Tamara planned conferences, public educational outreach and high level meetings on issues related to sustainable development. She worked on social media efforts for the 1 Million Community Health Workers Campaign and worked closely on events for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  As a life-long Episcopalian and active member of the Diocese of Long Island, she leads workshops on social justice, missionl vitality, and leadership skills for young people. In her free time, Tamara enjoys playing chamber music and creative writing. She holds an M.A. from Bowling Green State University in education and a B.A from Bard College in bassoon performance.

Video on the Fly: How to Make Quality Video on a Tight Budget
In the digital age, video can be a wonderful tool to engage seekers and new audiences (and energize current members). Churches and dioceses often suffer from generalized, low-production-value videos that do not reflect the life and vitality of the parish. Through interactive exercises, Trevor Black and Christian Anderson will lead attendees to identify and clarify their church’s brand and develop a tangible game plan to create industry standard videos on just a smart phone and free editing software.

Presenters Christian Anderson and Trevor Black developed the Episcopal Video Network (EVN) to meet the needs of a digital church in an Episcopal context. Their background in production and development in the entertainment industry has fueled their passion to provide Episcopal churches basic tools to develop effective video content that helps us share the Good News of Jesus Christ. “Welcome Video on a Dime” is their first project which aims to equip any parish with the ability to make an industry standard welcome video with just a smart phone and free editing software.

Planning Your Special Event
As communicators, we’re often tasked with anything involving engagement, including special events. Whether for a one-night performance, diocesan conference, or a weekend retreat, this workshop will cover attendee recruitment, staff and volunteer management, timelines, and program evaluation (so you can do it all again). We will discuss managing expectations and the pros and cons of different types of events, while sharing success stories, and maybe a few utter fails.

Presenter Ashley Graham-Wilcox is the director of communications and development for Episcopal Camps & Conference Centers, the network of 100+ church summer camp programs, and retreat and conference centers. She is responsible for small-group training and a large annual national conference. In a previous life, Ashley ran and recruited for high tech education conferences and workshops. Formerly the retreat center coordinator and marketing director for the Diocese of Los Angeles and San Diego’s Camp Stevens, Ashley once created, marketed, and hosted a weekend-long celebration honoring one director’s retirement, another’s hire, a staff reunion, and the organization’s 60th anniversary. Please don’t make her do it again.

Storytelling for a Millennial Audience
If you want to reach millennials, you have to go to them—and you have to communicate in authentic, compelling ways that invite them into the conversation. Learn how to engage millennials through storytelling and peer-to-peer communication. Learn where to communicate with millennials without seeming like a poser. Which platforms—from print to social media—should push out which content?

Presenter Sallee Ann Ruibal is editor-in-chief of The Lantern, student newspaper of Ohio State, one the largest public universities in the United States, with over 65,000 students. Previously serving as the arts editor of the paper and as intern of a local brewery blog, Sallee Ann has extensive experience reaching a young, smart audience in print, online, and through social media.

Jesus’ Blood Is Thicker than Water: Latino/Hispanic Evangelism in English
Although it is true that most Latinos speak Spanish at home, we often forget an important fact: most of them understand and speak English proficiently—and in fact 35 million of them (65 percent) were born in the U.S. This presentation will demonstrate ways the church can communicate culturally meaningful messages and celebrations that resonate with English-speaking Latino audiences whether they are first-, second-, or third-generation Latinos.

Presenter Hugo Olaiz serves as the associate editor for Latino/Hispanic resources at Forward Movement. He was born and raised in Argentina. After spending two years on mission in Paraguay, he moved to the U.S. for graduate studies in Spanish, linguistics, and translation. He found the Episcopal Church in 1999. He serves on the Latino/Hispanic Council of Advice and has been involved in planning, supporting, and providing translation for conferences such as Nuevo Amanecer and Evangelism Matters.

When It Feels Like Work, Not God's Work
We’re overworked and often underpaid (and probably feel under-appreciated). But for many of us, our work as communicators is not only our job but also vocation and calling. How can we keep this calling in perspective when deadlines and demands loom? What are concrete ways that we can incorporate and re-energize our faith as it is lived out in our work? Ultimately our own spiritual vitality is not only good for us as individuals but benefits our organizations as we feel revived and refreshed to do the work God is calling us to.

Presenter Jeff Queen is rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Fort Thomas, Ky. He was one of the founding members of the Ohio/Kentucky chapter of the Society of Catholic Priests and has for several years taken two annual pilgrimages: one to Wisconsin (for cheese, sausages, and devotional time—perhaps in that order) and to Norfolk, England, for retreat and prayer at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. He leads Christian education programs locally and for the diocese and is a husband and father of two.  

Photography for Auto-Setting Users
Learn tips and tricks to taking excellent photos with your point-and-shoot camera or smart phone. Discuss the best techniques to getting interesting photos (especially from boring events!).

Presenter Scott Gunn is an Episcopal priest and executive director of Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church focused on inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists. Forward Movement’s flagship devotional, Forward Day by Day, is read by Anglicans around the globe. Scott has served as a parish priest and, prior to that, as a technology leader in non-profit and commercial organizations. He was educated at Luther College, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, and Brown University. You can follow him on Twitter (@scottagunn), read his blog at, or view some of his photos on flickr.

Home: From the Community to the Kitchen
Home: From the Community to the Kitchen is a paradigm shift, a metaphor for the invitation and connection we know in our own families. It is how we connect with each other as neighbors. It’s how it can start with a conversation on a soccer field or at a neighborhood meeting and culminate in friendship—especially when invitations to dinner are extended. “Come over for dinner,” we say. From that first front-door welcome to your guest, to the deeper relationships built with those who’ve dined at your table many times, to the deeper connections as family friends become an ‘Aunt Mary’ or an ‘Uncle Bob,’ our conversations, our hospitality, and our mutual expectations change in our ever-deepening relationships over time.

So too in our churches our dynamics change in the rooms of our common life as we welcome guests at our front doors, as we show hospitality around the family table, and as we ask those who consider themselves family members to help prepare the meal and to stay for conversation and help with the dishes afterwards.

Discover the strategies employed by healthy, growing churches to create intentional environments where relationships grow deeper with God and with one another. Explore how hospitality can move guests to engage and explore life in a church community and eventually become members of the family, themselves inviting new friends and neighbors to come for dinner and stay for the nurture and nourishment of community.

Presenter Mike Orr serves as Director of Communications for The Episcopal Church in Colorado. Previously, he was Director of Communications at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver. He began his ministry in communications at Southeast Christian Church, a non-denominational church in the south suburbs of Denver, where he served for eight years. Mike is the curator of, serves on the board of Episcopal Communicators, collaborates with the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes, and is a speaker and presenter for Project Resource, a series of stewardship conferences funded by the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops, the Episcopal Church Foundation, and the Presiding Bishop’s Office for Development.

Making Good Writing Great
The poet Sidney Sheldon once wrote, "A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God.” The written word—whether in long-form feature stories, newsletter articles, Facebook posts, or Tweets, is critical to creating a conversation and relationship with our audiences. Journalist and writing coach Lee Ann Hamilton will offer techniques to make your writing crisper and more engaging. Using real-life examples supplied by Episcopal communicators, Hamilton will also discuss the different styles of writing across a range of platforms: print, digital, and social.

Presenter Lee Ann Hamilton is a journalist who spent a career at news organizations from Mississippi to Washington, D.C. Most recently, she was an editor in various positions at the Cincinnati Enquirer, supervising reporters and writers for 15 years in business, news, arts and sports, on print and digital platforms. Prior to that, she was thrilled to be part of a grand experiment that will never be repeated – the startup of USA Today, now one of the nation’s leading news and media institutions. Lee Ann spent 14 years at “The Nation’s Newspaper” at various times as national editor, enterprise coach and bureaus liaison. She arrived at USA Today from The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss., where she was an editor and reporter. She started her career as Northeast Mississippi bureau chief for the Memphis Commercial Appeal (chief because she was the lone occupant of that office, chasing local officials and newsmakers including Bigfoot across the Magnolia State). Lee Ann grew up in Cincinnati and is happy to be back home now. She is past secretary of the board for Journey to Hope, a faith-based coaching and support organization in Greater Cincinnati, and an alum of The (!) Ohio State University, where her daughter is a fourth-year journalism major.

Inviting, welcoming, and connecting people who come to our churches are critical and strategic steps for building healthy, vibrant, and growing congregations. Evangelism guru Mary Parmer brings her nationally known program of Invite*Welcome*Connect to Episcopal Communicators with a focus on the role of communication in sharing the gospel. The workshop will focus specifically on how to tailor and tweak your website(s) and publications (print and online) to be vehicles for evangelism.

Born and raised in the deep South, presenter Mary Parmer is a congregational development consultant/coach, speaker and retreat leader who commutes between offices in Austin, TX, and Sewanee, TN. Parmer serves as Director of the Gathering of Leaders, a national leadership group of young Episcopal clergy, and as creator and developer of Invite*Welcome*Connect born out of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Newcomer Ministry Project.  Mary has served as a lay deputy to the last four General Conventions, and currently serves on the Task Force on Clergy Leadership Formation in Small Churches (GC 2015-A045).  She holds a degree in religious studies from St. Edwards University in Austin and formerly served as Director of Adult Ministries & Evangelism at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Beaumont, Texas.  Parmer has two grown children and six young grandchildren, builds stone labyrinths, and spends her time away from work hiking and reading. Visit for further information.  Visit for checklists, resources and videos from the Invite*Welcome*Connect initiative.

Episcopal Church 101
Vestry, narthex, sexton. Lectionary Year A, Ordinary Time, Septuagesima Sunday. If you’re new to the Episcopal Church (and even if you’re not), some of the traditions, practices, and polity can be unfamiliar and difficult to navigate. This workshop offers a primer to church lingo and principles that will help you in your work as a communicator. 
Bring your questions – basic or brainiac – and we’ll sort out some answers together. No such thing as a dumb question, so don’t hold back!

Presenter Scott Gunn is an Episcopal priest and executive director of Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church focused on inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists. Forward Movement’s flagship devotional, Forward Day by Day, is read by Anglicans around the globe. Scott has served as a parish priest and, prior to that, as a technology leader in non-profit and commercial organizations. He was educated at Luther College, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, and Brown University. You can follow him on Twitter (@scottagunn) or read his blog at

Branding 101
Though some church people recoil to think of a faith community having a brand, the fact is that your church, diocese or institution already has a brand, whether you’re aware of it or not. This workshop will help you understand what a brand is (and what it isn’t), how to identify it and use it to further your ministry, how a consistent identify can make your life as a communicator easier, and how to pitch the idea of engaging in a branding study to decision makers in your setting.

Presenters Lee Insko and Mike Robinson are co-founder of 5 Degrees Branding, a creative agency devoted to building strong brands in churches, ministries, and educational organizations. They have over 50 years combined experience working within these sectors. Both are graduates of Samford University and have worked with numerous Episcopal Communicators on a variety of branding and marketing initiatives. Lee lives outside Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife and three children. Mike lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and three children. Mike and Lee believe good branding has the power to bring a shift—in thinking, in perception, and if it's done well—in action. Ultimately, their goal is to help the clients of 5° to serve God's kingdom by informing, inspiring, and bringing people together.

Pairing and Sharing
Last October, seven Episcopal communicators went on an adventure in the Kingdom of Jordan. We knew each other, and knew each other’s work, but never worked as a group in this kind of setting. Each morning we would check in and talk about who was doing what, where we were going, and what we were each interested in. We paired off for the day’s coverage. All that each of us produced was then shared widely through our own networks, through social media, through traditional media, etc. After this great experience we agreed that our style of work in the Kingdom of Jordan could be an ideal way to model future job assignments – from pilgrimages to General Convention to Diocesan Conventions to special events that need to be covered by a group. This is a particularly good model for General Convention where there are many people who can cross lines and team up for Pairing and Sharing. This workshop will share our experiences, our styles, and provide examples of applying Pairing and Sharing into our work.

Presenters Neva Rae Fox (near right) and Hannah Wilder (far right) are both well-versed in diocesan communications. Neva Rae worked in Episcopal communications in two dioceses before joining the church-wide staff in 2007. In that time, she has won numerous awards. Previously she operated her own communications company, The Fox Group, working with a number of diverse clients. She is active in her own Episcopal church in the Diocese of New Jersey and is a member of many organizations and groups and has been elected to various offices in her church. 

Hannah is the communications director for the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, where her role is to support congregations as they seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ. She is responsible for the diocesan communication strategy; creates and edits the diocesan magazine, the Messenger; manages the website; and creates newsletters. She is also a mother and a postulant for Holy Orders who enjoys traveling to the Middle East whenever possible.

Social Media: It Starts with a Strategy
With so much noise on social media, many brands are left wondering how they can reach their audience. The answer? A good strategy.  In this session, you'll learn why you need a social media strategy and where to start in creating one.  You will walk away with ideas on how to authentically connect with your audience and make them care about your cause.

Presenter Annie Beard is a Cincinnati native who graduated from Ohio University with a Journalism degree. She uses her journalism background each day, with storytelling at the core of her PR and social media work at O'Keeffe PR.   Annie knows the importance of well-written content in a constantly-changing online world, and she is passionate about developing strategic content on all platforms.  Outside of work, she is a self-proclaimed Cincinnati sports junkie and local coffee shop frequenter.

Effective PowerPoint presentations
With a focus on content, design, and delivery, this workshop will explore various best practices designed to help you build effective PowerPoint presentations. We will discuss how to structure content in a way that tells a story and delivers a sharp message. We will delve into the basics of template design and formatting, utilizing graphics resources, and style structures to ensure an engaging and visually stimulating presentation. Finally, we will conduct a Q&A session to answer your PowerPoint questions.

Presenter Kimtoya Williams is the Senior Presentation Specialist on the communications team at the Church Pension Group. For the past 20 years, Kimtoya has worked in presentation design and project management for some of the leading companies in advertising, digital marketing, finance, and management consulting. Now in her third year at the Church Pension Group, Kimtoya is responsible for ensuring the coordination, design, and execution of a wide variety of presentation and conference materials. Last year, Kimtoya began providing best practices webinars to internal CPG staff and Episcopal Church administrators about the best ways to build, design, and deliver PowerPoint presentations. We're delighted to have her presenting at our conference for the first time.

Using Public Relations to Strengthen Community Partner Relationships 
Press releases are passé. Successful public relations outreach stems from developing meaningful two-way conversations with your audience(s). This workshop will offer a hands-on approach to incorporating community partnerships into an overall PR strategy. We will also work on identifying and engaging key partners, developing compelling calls to action and most importantly, receiving feedback that will strengthen your relationships! 

Presenter Allison Schroeder, APR is the owner of Pomme Communications, a boutique public relations consultancy that specializes in strategic planning and execution for consumer and business to business brands, nonprofits and special events. Based in Cincinnati, Allison has worked in-house, and as a consultant for local, national and global brands, with a specialty in media relations, reputation management and social media.  Her true passion in life is fostering meaningful conversation that resonates with key audiences- which stretches well beyond the realm of a single news story.  Through her work, Allison has author a bathroom reader, worked on an Emmy-nominated reality TV show, developed complex multi-brand influencer campaigns and, of course, shared countless brand stories with media and community partners.   In addition to her practice, she is currently producing her own public relations workbook series designed to help communicators with practical applications of  community relations, PR planning and media relations. 

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